I qualified in January 2011.  I operate at associate level.

I have worked on transactions for SMEs, for large multi-nationals and every size company in-between.  The types of work range from small everyday issues to 3-6 month projects worth more than €200 million.

I regularly act on the following types of matters: –

  • Helping companies launch new products and services.  Examples of types of products I’ve worked on include medical devices, telecommunications devices and devices that use radio frequencies or batteries.  Examples of types of services I’ve worked on include music streaming, movie streaming, online forums and bank to customer communication portals.  If it’s new, I will guide you through bringing that product to market.
  • Drafting contract documentation for all types of corporate issues such as shareholders agreements, agency agreements, franchise agreements, option agreements, distribution agreements.
  • Assisting with architecture for sales promotions and advertising to ensure that they are in compliance with all relevant legislation and codes.
  • Helping companies manage data protection and privacy issues.  This involves protecting a company’s reputation and profits by way of ensuring they are a trusted guardian of their customer’s data.
  • Other legal issues that impact on provision of products and services such as regulatory, consumer, e-commerce, payments services, EULAs and SAAS licensing.